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He represented me in a difficult DUI case and he has gone above and beyond to get me out of trouble. I highly recommend him as your DUI attorney!

Terry Young

I was charged with a Felony DUI with Injury. I contacted his law firm immediately following my arrest. After 3 month long fighting and negotiating, I received a probation. Many thanks.

Shawn S. Bryant

Scottsdale DUI Attorney

If you are facing DUI charges, it is critical that you find an attorney that has a proven record defending DUI cases. You probably have little or knowledge of what to expect or how to protect yourself. A DUI conviction can very seriously and negatively impact your life. An experienced Scottsdale DUI attorney can minimize the consequences and your losses as a result of your DUI arrest.


Charged With A DUI in Scottsdale?

Individuals who drink and drive are subject to strict laws and the penalties can be very harsh, including:
• Time in Jail or Prison
• Expensive Fines
• Driver license sanctions
• Driver Responsibility Costs
• Higher Insurance Rates
• Expensive Court Fees


We Are Here To Help

When you are hiring a DUI attorney, it is important to keep in mind experience and success record. Our Scottsdale DUI lawyer is dedicated to aggressively defending people arrested for DUI. We've been successfully representing drunk driving clients and are considered to be among the best DUI defense attorneys in Scottsdale, Arizona.